Problems with CNC Machining

Blog FlexCNC June 15, 2022

CNC machinery can have problems arise, and some of these problems are more common than others. When these problems occur, FlexCare+ steps in to get them resolved for you and back on track for new or current customers. These problems can include: # 1 Fixturing CNC machinery can have problems when the workpiece that is

Combating the Skills Gap with Automated CNC Programming

Blog FlexCNC March 30, 2022

The skills gap and labor shortage have been a hot topic in manufacturing in recent years. The challenge of being unable to find skilled workers with the needed technical skills, knowledge, or expertise to fill these open positions is a significant problem. A 2021 study conducted by Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institue (MI) predicts that

Automating Machining Process with CNC for 3X Throughput

Watch Full Customer Story Below Staying competitive in the ever-changing manufacturing landscape requires continual investments in new technology. Businesses are often looking for solutions that will increase their capacity while giving them the ability to produce more consistent parts safely. Automation has become a hot topic in recent years, and for a good reason. Automating

From Manual Machinist to CNC Machinist

CNC machining can be intimidating. Especially for people who've been doing manual machining for years. Our friend Abom is a manual machinist looking to continue his education by learning CNC machining. We invited him to our facility to learn the basics of CNC machining from our expert machinist/programmer.

FlexCare for FlexCNC

FlexCare is an on-demand CNC programming service available for all FlexCNC customers. Through a monthly membership, we are able to provide our customers with direct access to one of our expert programmers. Each month, FlexCare members can send their prints to a FlexCare specialist, and they will provide completed programs for their FlexCNC machine.