What is a Beam Drill Line?

What is a Beam Drill Line?

Beam drill lines are important tools in medium to large-sized structural fabrication shops. Beam drill lines accurately drill holes in a variety of steel profiles at different lengths with CNC controlled programming. These machines eliminate the need to manually chalk or layout the positions and produce the hole by hand with a mag drill, punch, or plasma. This cumbersome process can take weeks and multiple employees to do the job. A beam drill line eliminates manual layout and the associated errors. 


The FlexBeam is a newly launched machine tool developed for fast, accurate, and economic production of steel profiles. This machine is an efficient beam processing solution for small to medium-sized fab shops, looking to take on larger jobs. 

What Makes the FlexBeam Unique?
  • – Automatic tool changer with 6 positions  
  • – 10” stroke on the x-axis while product is clamped (for x-axis milling operations)
  • – Intuitive programming using the Drill Cam Software 
  • – 2-axis interpolation on X/Y-axis, 3 axis interpolation for helical milling (X/Y/Z-axis)
  • – High precision linear rails provide added rigidity and precision 
  • – Equipped with the latest generation industrial PC-control, servodrivers, and servomotors produced by OMRON.
  • – More space efficient than conventional beam drill lines that use conveyors to feed the material through a stationary machine
Is the FlexBeam Right for My Shop? 
  • – Do you drill or mill holes in a variety of steel profiles?
  • – Are you looking for a faster and cheaper way to do it?
  • – Do you currently have to layout hole positions and then produce the holes with a mag drill, punch, or plasma?
  • – Are you interested in a machine that can drill, mill, and scribe/engrave?
  • – Do you have to turn away jobs because you cannot process the larger and heavier profiles?
  • – Are you struggling to land steel fabricating jobs in your market? 
  • – Would you like to take on larger jobs?
  • Do you want to make a larger profit?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the FlexBeam may be just right for you. If you are interested in taking on larger jobs and making more money, please contact us for more information. 

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