Effortless Control and Counterbalancing of Metabo Beveling Tool

Balance Arms Blog May 8, 2024

Working with heavy tools like the Metabo KFM 16-15 Metal Beveling Tool can be physically demanding. Constant tool weight leads to fatigue, accidental drops, and difficulty in precise maneuvering. This impacts user comfort and safety and potentially damages expensive equipment. Effortless Tool Operation with the B-19-RG Ergo Arm The B-19-RG Balance Arm is a revolutionary

Saving Money By Rescuing Damaged Threads

In the world of metalworking, precision and efficiency are paramount. Threading holes accurately and consistently is essential for ensuring the integrity and performance of manufactured components. However, even the most skilled machinists can encounter challenges, such as damaged or poorly formed threads. The FlexArm tapping arm, a versatile tool that can tackle a wide range

Flex Machine Tools Launches New FlexJet FLX Waterjet Cutting System

Blog FlexJet October 31, 2023

Flex Machine Tools is excited to announce the launch of its newest waterjet cutting system, the FlexJet FLX. This innovative machine is designed to meet the demands of even the most discerning manufacturers, offering superior performance, service, and innovation. The FlexJet waterjet systems represent the perfect fusion of tried and true technology, reinforced by a

Customer Spotlight: Crystal Group Inc.

Blog October 10, 2023

Crystal Group, Inc. is a leading provider of high-performance, rugged compute solutions for defense, government, and industrial markets. Founded in 1987, this small, employee-owned business specializes in designing, customizing, building, and testing rugged servers, embedded computers, networking devices, displays, and data storage for high reliability in harsh environments. Their integrated solutions meet or exceed IEEE,

Mag Drill Arm Product Release

Balance Arms Blog October 9, 2023

In industries that rely heavily on drilling, the efficiency and precision of the equipment used can significantly impact productivity. FlexArm is proud to introduce the FlexArm Mag Drill Arm, a cutting-edge innovation that simplifies drilling with a mag drill while reducing operator fatigue. A notable feature of this ergonomic solution is its capacity to offset

Improving Workplace Safety with Custom Tool Balancer for Hytorc LST-2000 Torque Tool

The Problem with Heavy Tools Bolting applications often require heavy tools such as torque wrenches and impact wrenches to achieve the appropriate level of tightness for bolts. However, handling these tools can be challenging and even dangerous. Fortunately, tool balancer arms can be used to counterbalance the tool’s weight and reduce physical strain, providing added

Customer Spotlight: Cannibal Industries Relies on FlexArm to Create Sound Recording Equipment Racks for Major Film and TV Productions

Blog March 30, 2023

Cannibal Industries is an expert in crafting top-notch, durable equipment racks tailored to the unique demands of film and television production sets. Their specialized focus is on sound recording equipment, ensuring the utmost precision and quality. As a proud user of the FlexArm tapping arm, Cannibal Industries relies on it to tap the ends of

Custom Torque Reaction Arm for Atlas Copco
Nut Runner: Improving Safety and Productivity in Industrial Applications

In industrial applications, torque reaction arms play a critical role in maintaining worker safety, improving productivity, and reducing workplace injuries. An end user came to us looking for an ergonomic solution for an Atlas Copco ETV-ST101-370-FS-F Nut Runner. The FlexArm engineering team created a custom torque reaction arm to fit their needs. This custom torque

Flex Machine Tools Announces New President

Blog February 21, 2023

Flex Machine tools is pleased to announce that Brandon Recker has been named as the company’s new President. With over ten years of experience with the company, Brandon is well equipped to lead Flex Machine Tools into the future and continue to drive its growth and success. Brandon has a strong background in leading and

Lightening the Load: Custom Ergonomic Solution for a Milwaukee Electromagnetic Drill Press

A customer came to Flex looking for an ergonomic solution to help lift and maneuver a 40-pound Milwaukee Tool Electromagnetic drill press. The weight is often the biggest complaint among its users, causing discomfort and strain while using the tool. The FlexArm engineering team designed and created a custom solution to counterbalance the mag drill

Increased Efficiency Brings Repeat Customers for H & H Metals

WATCH FULL CUSTOMER STORY BELOW In the fabrication industry, staying ahead of your competitors is always crucial. With continued technological advancements, businesses need a well-rounded arsenal of machinery that allows them to be the most efficient in their space. Customers want to see efficiency. If you can do a job more efficiently than your competitor,

Vertical Machining Center Vs CNC Router

Blog August 1, 2022

If you’re a fabricator new to CNC technology, you may be wondering where to start when purchasing the right machinery for your needs. Two popular options are the Vertical Machining Center (VMC) and the CNC router. Let’s compare the two technologies and help you decide which one is right for you. What is a CNC

How Manufacturers Can Market Their Business

Blog July 20, 2022

What’s your why? What’s your strategy? These are two key questions you should be asking yourself when marketing in the manufacturing industry. Too many people miss out on the great ways you can market your product and company in this industry and help your team out.

Problems with CNC Machining

Blog FlexCNC June 15, 2022

CNC machinery can have problems arise, and some of these problems are more common than others. When these problems occur, FlexCare+ steps in to get them resolved for you and back on track for new or current customers. These problems can include:  # 1 Fixturing CNC machinery can have problems when the workpiece that is

Flex Machine Tools Partners With Landmark Solutions

Blog April 15, 2022

We are happy to announce Landmark Solutions as the newest distributor of FlexCNC and FlexBeam in the West. Landmark is based out of Orange County, California, with coverage throughout Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, and all of California. They pride themselves on being a professional manufacturing consulting, project management, and capital equipment distributor. The

Combating the Skills Gap with Automated CNC Programming

Blog FlexCNC March 30, 2022

The skills gap and labor shortage have been a hot topic in manufacturing in recent years. The challenge of being unable to find skilled workers with the needed technical skills, knowledge, or expertise to fill these open positions is a significant problem. A 2021 study conducted by Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institue (MI) predicts that

Automating Machining Process with CNC for 3X Throughput

Watch Full Customer Story Below Staying competitive in the ever-changing manufacturing landscape requires continual investments in new technology. Businesses are often looking for solutions that will increase their capacity while giving them the ability to produce more consistent parts safely. Automation has become a hot topic in recent years, and for a good reason. Automating

How to Tap Fabricated Holes?

Blog Tapping Arms February 15, 2022

Laser, plasma, and waterjet machines, often found in fab shops, are great for creating holes, but what about when those holes require threads? A secondary operation is necessary to achieve this, and the tools are often not ideal. Operators frequently use radial drills, handheld drills, hand tapping, or a CNC machine to tap the fabricated holes. These solutions are much less efficient and often less accurate than the FlexArm. The FlexArm tapping machine presents a solution that allows the operators to tap fabricated holes without refixturing their parts, breaking taps, or running costly CNC machines

Westway Machinery to Represent FlexCNC & FlexBeam in Canadian Markets

Blog February 4, 2022

Flex Machine Tools partners with Westway Machinery We are pleased to announce that Flex Machine Tools has entered into a distribution partnership with Westway Machinery. Westway will now exclusively distribute and support the FlexCNC and FlexBeam machines across Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritime provinces. Westway Machinery is Canada’s first choice for fabrication machinery. Flex Machine

Five things you should know about the FlexJet

Blog FlexJet January 19, 2022

The FlexJet waterjet is a cutting system designed to increase efficiency and productivity. The FlexJet is the fastest moving waterjet on the market, allowing operators the option to produce parts faster than ever before. 1) Construction The FlexJet construction utilizes industry-leading motors and drives and features an all-steel machine frame with a 20 plus year

Acceleration in Waterjets

Blog FlexJet December 21, 2021

There are many different concepts that go into understanding waterjet cutting and why one machine performs better than another. Many people look at speed as the first indicator of which system performs the best. With a deeper understanding of how waterjets work, it becomes easier to see that there is a much more important factor

Active Alloys Swaps Bridgeport for FlexArm

Active Alloys is a full-service steel fabrication shop in Chicago, Illinois. They specialize in designing and fabricating architectural elements, machines, furniture, and vehicles. William Tellmann and Collin Smith opened their shop 14 years ago; since then, they have found that they specialize in pursuing the most complex, unusual, and demanding projects. Due to the nature

Standard Features

  • Hand Pendant
  • 22″ Touch Screen Monitor
  • Omron FlexCNC Controller
  • Mobile Control Panel
  • Through Spindle Coolant 
  • Auto Tool Changer 
  • Flood Coolant




C-20-02 / C-10-02




C-20-02 / C-10-02





Auto Stand-Off – This is currently defined to be surface stand-off and not to be confused with vector stand-off in 5-axis mode. The current auto stand-off is based on a changing surface and will adjust vertically based on the angle of the “A” Axis, so there is five (5) axis taken into account during the calculations, but this is not the same as the tool vector stand-off. There is the ability to do the vector stand-off change while the machine is running manually with buttons on the screen.

Z-Reader Probe – The Z-Reader is a device for mapping the location of the surface. It can be controlled manually & programmatically. The option is NOT active while cutting & is retracted out of harm’s way. It can be triggered to verify the surface at every pierce before the cutting process starts, or it could be used to drive surface mapping of the whole part before cutting starts. It begins with initialization or zeroing of the device to the surface at the beginning of a program and then accumulates or tracks the difference from that zeroing effort.

Automatic Edge Finder – The edge finder is or can be utilized manually (Jogging Method & Screen Buttons), programmatically (M & G codes), or fully automatic routine (dedicated program). This option sets offsets & program rotation to match the orientation & location on the cutting table.

AC Unit Installed on Electrical Cabinet – The unit is mounted on the cabinet’s High Power (480v) side. It is close to the location where the drives are mounted. This option keeps the cabinet temperature stable and allows heat dissipation faster. The servo drives for all axes are the most significant contributors to heat inside the electrical cabinet.

5-Axis Renishaw CalibrationThe calibration unit is a Renishaw model APCA45 with a modified spherical stylus. The device has a retractable cover and air purge to clear debris & dust during the activation process. It mounts to a swing arm controlled by a pneumatic rotary, so it is out of the way during regular operation and swings into the calibration position for calibration only. 





G-20-06 / G-10-06




G-20-06 / -10-06




GM-20-06 / G-20-06 / G-10-06




G-20-06 / G-20-06 / G-10-06