Misconceptions of Manufacturing

Blog September 30, 2021

Today, US manufacturing is widely misunderstood, especially among young people. Manufacturing remains central in the world economy yet is seen as an outdated and dying industry. While jobs may have decreased over the years, output hasn’t. Manufacturers are becoming more productive and continue to improve their industrial processes. The addition of advanced machinery has created

Fabtech 2021 with Flex Machine Tools

Blog September 22, 2021

Did you miss Fabtech this year? For those of you who could not make the show, you still have the opportunity to see what we showcased in our booth. FleXCNC The FlexCNC is the best-priced and most flexible vertical machining center in the world. The FlexCNC vertical machining center ranges from 10′ to 80′ long

A Manufacturing Videocast Experience

Blog July 27, 2021

Flex & Friends Kick OFF We are excited to announce our much-anticipated manufacturing videocast series Flex & Friends. In this series, we will be picking the brains of the industry’s most passionate and profound thought leaders to talk shop and keep you up to date on all things manufacturing. The conversations will be honest and

Flex Machine Tools New Dealership Partnership with Capital Machine

Blog July 21, 2021

We are pleased to announce that Flex Machine Tools has entered into a distribution partnership with Capital Machine to exclusively distribute and support the FlexCNC line in select U.S. markets. Capital Machine will represent FlexCNC in the following states: Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Capital

FlexJet Waterjet- The Solution in Every Industry

Blog FlexJet June 30, 2021

Who uses a waterjet? Our FlexJet is the most versatile waterjet on the market. Our waterjet cutting machine will manufacture parts for industries from foam and rubber to aerospace. The FlexJet waterjet will cut using abrasive and water-only making it the right choice for every material.

From Manual Machinist to CNC Machinist

CNC machining can be intimidating. Especially for people who've been doing manual machining for years. Our friend Abom is a manual machinist looking to continue his education by learning CNC machining. We invited him to our facility to learn the basics of CNC machining from our expert machinist/programmer.

The Best Waterjet on the Market

Blog FlexJet April 13, 2021

What makes the FlexJet the best waterjet on the market? The FlexJet design allows for higher acceleration and deceleration rates that make it faster, more precise, and more rigid. The unique way that the Flexjet accelerates and decelerates makes it the highest producing waterjet on the market by utilizing dynamic motion that cannot be replicated.

Flex & Friends with OSG

Blog Live Demos March 31, 2021

Watch our latest episode of Flex & Friends with OSG where we bring the Electricity! We’re excited to team up with OSG as we reveal our all new electric tapping arm and feature some industry leading OSG Hy-Pro Taps. Plus we’ll hear from OSG District Manager & Friend of FlexArm – Dylan Goble.

FlexCare for FlexCNC

FlexCare is an on-demand CNC programming service available for all FlexCNC customers. Through a monthly membership, we are able to provide our customers with direct access to one of our expert programmers. Each month, FlexCare members can send their prints to a FlexCare specialist, and they will provide completed programs for their FlexCNC machine.

What is a Beam Drill Line?

Blog FlexBeam June 23, 2020

Beam drill lines accurately drill holes in a variety of steel profiles at different lengths with CNC controlled programming. These machines eliminate the need to manually chalk or layout the positions and produce the hole by hand with a mag drill, punch, or plasma.

FlexArm Balancing Arm

Handheld grinders are powerful tools used in just about every metalworking environment. It is cumbersome and tiring work that puts considerable strain on the user. In a time where companies cannot afford lost time due to injuries, ergonomic solutions are now more important than ever.