Introducing FlexCare for FlexCNC

FlexCare is an on-demand CNC programming service available for all FlexCNC customers. Through a monthly membership, we are able to provide our customers with direct access to one of our expert programmers. Each month, FlexCare members can send their prints to a FlexCare specialist, and they will provide completed programs for their FlexCNC machine.

Funny Videos

Blog September 3, 2020

Check Out Our Funny Videos https://youtu.be/Nzv0BLuxTDshttps://youtu.be/vC0fdNluPnshttps://youtu.be/PCZ3kWUgk8Uhttps://youtu.be/sGdbosiMPUchttps://youtu.be/8RmDJYaOJ8Ihttps://youtu.be/1zy4_w3dalUhttps://youtu.be/7_0H3TiJzP4

What is a Beam Drill Line?

Blog FlexBeam June 23, 2020

Beam drill lines accurately drill holes in a variety of steel profiles at different lengths with CNC controlled programming. These machines eliminate the need to manually chalk or layout the positions and produce the hole by hand with a mag drill, punch, or plasma.

FlexArm Balancing Arm

Handheld grinders are powerful tools used in just about every metalworking environment. It is cumbersome and tiring work that puts considerable strain on the user. In a time where companies cannot afford lost time due to injuries, ergonomic solutions are now more important than ever.

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