Tapping 7/16” Holes into 3/8” Thick Steel

An end-user out of North Carolina was looking for a more efficient way to tap their parts. They wanted to see how the FlexArm could improve their process of tapping holes into a 3/8” thick structural steel plate. They sent in two of these plates for us to run tap tests, where we showcased both pneumatic and hydraulic tapping units.

First, we ran the test with our RNR-20 pneumatic tapping arm. Next, we ran the tap test with our GH-18 hydraulic tapping arm. Both tests were run with a 7/16”-20 tap, and effectively showed the speed, efficiency, and ease of using both units to tap the structural steel.

If you are experiencing any tapping issues and would like to see how the FlexArm would perform on your parts, give us a call at 1-800-837-2503 or schedule a tap test today. 

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