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Flex Machine Tools highly educated service engineers are available to help you. They are readily available via remote support. You can enjoy our expert support to cover installation, inspection, maintenance, and repairs.

Nationwide Support

Flex Machine Tools have the capabilities to assist with all your needs with our highly qualified engineers.

Highly Educated Experts

Our service engineers average 20+ years of experience and undergo ongoing training.

Unbelievably Fast Support

Flex machine tools will provide you a fast rapid diagnostic and reaction time.

Our Remote Services

Keep machine availability always at a high level – With remote services, you benefit from various functions that can be controlled remotely, so maintenance can be done without the need for someone on site. Does this mean solving technical failures or guiding you to solve problems? Our service experts across the country will be happy to assist you.

Did you know that 95% of all calls have been resolved without sending a technician.

Wow that was quick !… it’s always great doing business with a company that stands behind their machinery.. we sure appreciate it… everybody loves the flex.. sure makes life easy ! 


-Ronald Murphy

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