How to Tap Fabricated Holes?

Blog Tapping Arms February 15, 2022

Laser, plasma, and waterjet machines, often found in fab shops, are great for creating holes, but what about when those holes require threads? A secondary operation is necessary to achieve this, and the tools are often not ideal. Operators frequently use radial drills, handheld drills, hand tapping, or a CNC machine to tap the fabricated holes. These solutions are much less efficient and often less accurate than the FlexArm. The FlexArm tapping machine presents a solution that allows the operators to tap fabricated holes without refixturing their parts, breaking taps, or running costly CNC machines

Five Things you should know about the Flexarm

Blog Tapping Arms January 19, 2022

The FlexArm is a unique tapping solution that offers more efficient options for manufacturers. Listed below are five ways the tapping arm can help operators complete jobs more efficiently and accurately. 1) Tapping Up to 2 In. While the FlexArm is versatile enough to handle a variety of hole sizes, our largest hydraulic units have

Active Alloys Swaps Bridgeport for FlexArm

Active Alloys is a full-service steel fabrication shop in Chicago, Illinois. They specialize in designing and fabricating architectural elements, machines, furniture, and vehicles. William Tellmann and Collin Smith opened their shop 14 years ago; since then, they have found that they specialize in pursuing the most complex, unusual, and demanding projects. Due to the nature

Eighth Order FlexArm Collaboration

Blog Tapping Arms November 1, 2021

Flex Machine Tools is a veteran-owned business that is passionate about giving back to those that have served. CEO Nick Kennedy served in the Army Special Forces and returned to civilian life to run his family business. When he started leading the company, his military background helped him shift his mindset on what CEO he