Waterjet Cutting Vs. Laser Cutting

FlexJet August 9, 2021

Waterjet or laser? Many modern manufacturers are facing unique challenges, including maintaining flexibility while keeping costs low. The waterjet and the laser are both capable of cutting a variety of materials at high speeds. The choice of which one is more accurate, faster, and better for production is determined by each individual’s needs and what

FlexJet Waterjet- The Solution in Every Industry

Blog FlexJet June 30, 2021

Who uses a waterjet? Our FlexJet is the most versatile waterjet on the market. Our waterjet cutting machine will manufacture parts for industries from foam and rubber to aerospace. The FlexJet waterjet will cut using abrasive and water-only making it the right choice for every material.

The Best Waterjet on the Market

Blog FlexJet April 13, 2021

What makes the FlexJet the best waterjet on the market? The FlexJet design allows for higher acceleration and deceleration rates that make it faster, more precise, and more rigid. The unique way that the Flexjet accelerates and decelerates makes it the highest producing waterjet on the market by utilizing dynamic motion that cannot be replicated.