Reduce Press Brake Injuries with an Ergonomic Lifting Solution

Operating a press brake can be dangerous. It has the potential to cause significant injuries because the parts involved are often large, heavy, and unwieldy to lift. A customer inquired with FlexArm looking for a better and safer lifting solution. They needed an arm that could lift up to 85 pounds and an end effector that could lift both square tubes and round shafts. The FlexArm engineering team came up with a custom solution to fit their specific needs.

Click Image to Access the 3-D Drawing 

The PM-RNR arm was chosen for this application along with a custom end effector. The gripper has V-Block fingers, which allows the user to lift both profiles up and into the press brake. The V-Block fingers are lined with knurled rubber to prevent the round shafts from rotating in the gripper fingers. The gripper will also rotate roughly 270° in the vertical axis, providing more flexibility for the user.

End Effector for Press Brake
Gripper for Square Tube
Gripper fort Round Shafts

This lifting solution will help reduce press brake injuries by keeping the operator’s hands away from the press brake and eliminating strenuous loading and unloading movements.

Part Manipulator next to Press Brake

If you are interested in a safe and ergonomic lifting solution, contact us, give us a call, or fill out the form below. The FlexArm engineering team would be happy to design a custom lifting solution to fit your needs. 

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