Machine Parts Faster: Using Pendulum Mode to Eliminate Spindle Downtime

Eliminating Spindle Downtime

Imagine being able to machine a bunch of different parts in one machining center without ever stopping the spindle. I know what you’re thinking, impossible, right? How would I add and remove parts? How would I refixture?

The problem with standard machining centers is that to gain access to the parts; an operator must open the doors, wait for the spindle to stop, and return to its starting position. At this point, the operator can now swap parts, refixture, and start the cycle over again. Operators spend a significant amount of their day on this process, and eliminating this would allow for more parts to be completed in a shorter amount of time.

The FlexCNC is unique and different from other machining centers because it can continuously machine with 0% spindle downtime. The large, open bed paired with the Pendulum Mode allows an operator to constantly swap out parts while the machine runs at the other end of the bed. This allows an operator to go an entire shift without ever having to stop the machine.

To accomplish 100% spindle uptime, the FlexCNC includes safety laser scanners (standard in both C-Series and G-Series) to ensure the operator stays safe while working at the other end of the machine. If, at any time, the operator breaks this barrier, the machine spindle will stop (demonstrated in the video below).

Why Use Pendulum Mode?

One common misconception of the FlexCNC is that it only benefits shops that machine large parts, but this is not true. Imagine having over 40 square feet of machine bed space. What would you do with it? The FlexCNC is so flexible our customers utilize the Pendulum Mode in various ways.

One company used the 20-foot bed to machine a 15-foot-long part and used the remaining 5 feet to machine their smaller parts. Another customer looked at it in a completely different way. They broke up their machine into four separate zones and used each zone as if it were an entirely different CNC machine.

If you are looking to machine your parts faster, contact us today, and we would be happy to run a demo on your parts. 

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