From Manual Machinist to CNC Machinist

Learning the Basics of CNC Machining

CNC machining can be intimidating. Especially for people who’ve been doing manual machining for years. Understanding the G-code and M-code, or just understanding how a CNC machine works can be a daunting task for someone with no prior knowledge. Many may shy away from it, even though it would expand upon their shop capabilities. 

Our good friend Abom (from the Abom79 channel on Youtube) is a manual machinist who was looking to continue his education by learning CNC machining. We provide in-house CNC training on the FlexCNC, so we invited him to our facility to learn the basics of CNC machining from our expert machinist/programmer. 

The training is a 3-day course that covers everything from learning the functions of a CNC machine to programming a part using G-code. The training provides individuals with enough knowledge to confidently operate a CNC machine in a real-world setting. Abom captured this training and documented it in the video below. 

The video features:

•Learning the functions of the machine

•How to load/unload tools

•How to set up tool offsets

•How to tram in a vise using an indicator

•Understanding G & M code

•How to set a work offset

•Drilling, milling, slotting, tapping, and chamfering operations 
•Learning the machines safety features 
•Flow Drill (friction drilling) demonstration 
•Fun with the Flex team (after the training is complete, the Flex team takes the trainee(s) out on a fun ride in the Humvee or side by side)

Those hesitant to purchase a CNC machine and enter the world of CNC machining should reconsider. Our in-house training makes it easy for anyone to learn CNC machining. CNC machines are beneficial because they are more accurate than manual machining, ensuring consistent quality and fewer scrapped parts. They are faster and more efficient than manual machines. CNC’s have safety features in place that make the operation safer than manual machining. CNC machining can be more cost-effective because one skilled operator can run multiple machines at the same time. 

If interested in learning more about adding a CNC machine to your shop floor or the CNC training that goes along with it, contact us or give us a call at 800-837-2503.

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