Five things you should know about the FlexJet

The FlexJet waterjet is a cutting system designed to increase efficiency and productivity. The FlexJet is the fastest moving waterjet on the market, allowing operators the option to produce parts faster than ever before. 1) Construction The FlexJet construction utilizes industry-leading motors and drives and features an all-steel machine frame with a 20 plus year

Acceleration in Waterjets

There are many different concepts that go into understanding waterjet cutting and why one machine performs better than another. Many people look at speed as the first indicator of which system performs the best. With a deeper understanding of how waterjets work, it becomes easier to see that there is a much more important factor

Active Alloys Swaps Bridgeport for FlexArm

Active Alloys is a full-service steel fabrication shop in Chicago, Illinois. They specialize in designing and fabricating architectural elements, machines, furniture, and vehicles. William Tellmann and Collin Smith opened their shop 14 years ago; since then, they have found that they specialize in pursuing the most complex, unusual, and demanding projects. Due to the nature

Honoring All Who Served, Thank You For Your Service

Flex Machine Tools salutes all veterans for their commitment and service, especially the veterans and active military personnel employed by and dedicated to our mission. We honor our veteran and active duty employees every day for their commitment and hard work. Every year, on Veterans Day, we take time to truly reflect on their contributions

Manufacturing Showcase: Flex Machine Tools

Richard Kennedy launched Midwest Specialties, Inc., in 1971 as a government contracting manufacturing business. He designed and built a tapping arm to increase speed and efficiency when tapping holes off of his NC machining centers. The FlexArm was the first of many innovations the OEM now known as Flex Machine Tools, and is still based