The Best Waterjet on the Market

What makes the FlexJet the best waterjet on the market?

The FlexJet design allows for higher acceleration and deceleration rates that make it faster, more precise, and more rigid. The unique way that the Flexjet accelerates and decelerates makes it the highest producing waterjet on the market by utilizing dynamic motion that cannot be replicated. The FlexJet is made of heavy-duty materials that have all been approved through the finite element method. The heavy-duty materials make this waterjet stable, accurate, and reliable, which will extend the life of the machine.

Another key advantage is the one-of-a-kind 5-axis head. Customers can use any length Nozzle Body or Nozzle Tube, creating a fully customized experience without limitations. The conventional focal point 5 axis heads can not do that. All the Rotary Modes are available at all times and are activated through M-codes or a Block Editor. Utilizing the 5-Axis + machine speed + programming + nozzles + machine design, you can achieve up to 7x faster cutting.  You will see in the video the accuracy and stability, notice the velocity vector speed never varies, and that’s what look ahead in the software does. FlexJet can seamlessly pull 1G from location to location with rapids up to 1,800 IPM using dynamic movements with no sacrifice to quality or accuracy.

Waterjet 5-axis non-abrassive head

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