Honoring All Who Served, Thank You For Your Service

Flex Machine Tools would like to thank all veterans for their service. We salute all veterans for their commitment and service, especially the veterans and active military personnel employed by and dedicated to our mission. We honor our veteran and active duty employees every day for their commitment and hard work. Every year, on Veterans Day, we take time to truly reflect on their contributions to our company and our country.

Captain Kennedy, Nicholas

Nick Kennedy was commissioned into the Army as an Officer. He went through flight school in the Aviation branch of the Army and was accepted into the Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. Nick was one of the youngest Officer pilots in his unit. He was stationed in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and was in the Army for five years. Nick is the CEO at Flex Machine Tools and a strong leader for the whole team at Flex.  He explains that his military experience has taught him that “ the people you surround yourself with is the key to success. The military is my foundation for where I began to understand how to value life and why I’m here. You have to maintain a positive mindset and know if you want something, you just have to work to get it. I have a simple philosophy to have zero regrets, and I understand it’s ok never to feel comfortable.” The team at Flex Machine Tools thanks you for your service to our country.

1st Class Petty Officer Basset, Curt

Curt Bassett has served in the Navy as a Seabee since 2007. He has been deployed twice, once in Iraq and once in Afghanistan. Curt has been stationed in both Mississippi and California. He currently works in the Service department at Flex Machine Tools. Curt truly cares about the customers that he is helping and making sure their machine is up and running as quickly as possible. His experiences in the military have shaped him into being a dedicated and driven component of the team. Flex Machine Tools is grateful for Curt’s service, and we thank him for all his sacrifices and commitment to keeping our country safe.

Sargent Kennedy, Scott

Scott Kennedy served in the Army for eight years and was stationed in Fort Riley, Kansas, and Germany. He was deployed to Iraq during Operation Desert Storm. His favorite memory is returning to the states and seeing his family after serving nine months in Operation Desert Storm.  Scott is an essential part of the Flex Machine Tools team and currently works in general labor, where he is always willing to give a helping hand to others. Scott explained, “the military made me more disciplined, and I now care more about what is going on in our country. I wish every citizen had the chance to serve and feel the same pride”. Flex Machine Tools thanks Scott for his service to our country.

Sergeant Place, Hunter

Hunter Place served in the Army National Guard for nine years. He was stationed in Ohio and was deployed to Afghanistan. Hunter explains that the military helped him to grow up. He was expelled from high school and entered the military with a fresh start. He was able to obtain his GED while in the Army National Guard and learned ownership and determination. The men and women he served with gave him a sense of camaraderie and family, unlike anything else. Hunter is a machinist at Flex Machine Tools; the military taught him to have greater attention to detail which has helped him be a valuable addition to the team. Flex Machine Tools is thankful for your service to our country. 

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