Difficulties of Tapping and Why it’s Easy with FlexArm

Tapping can be difficult and frustrating. From broken taps to damaged threads, the process of tapping can slow down productivity and become very costly in the long run.

There are a variety of tapping methods, and each comes with its own set of difficulties.

Hand tapping

Hand tapping is the simplest way to tap. This method is time-consuming, requires a lot of energy, and is harder to ensure the tap will enter the part square.

Tapping on a Drill Press

A drill press keeps the tap properly aligned with the hole, but requires constant refixturing, resulting in significant time loss.

CNC Tapping

CNCs are versatile pieces of machinery, and often a popular choice when tapping. Between the tap geometries and cutting speeds, a whole set of challenges could arise.

A popular form of CNC tapping is rigid tapping. Many choose this option when they need to maintain tight tolerances, but if conditions are not ideal, you may be at greater risk of breaking a tap.

Tension compression tapping helps reduces the risk of broken taps by compensating for slight movements of the tap when entering a hole. Springs allow the tap to float without affecting the pitch. However, the springs could wear over time, resulting in unpredictable thread depths.

Thread milling on a CNC

Thread milling can utilize a single tool to make a wide range of hole sizes, which helps save on tooling costs. However, thread milling is a slow process that adds additional minutes to the cycle time.

Tapping Arm

Tapping arms are a great option because a part can move through the process more quickly and free up that expensive machine time.

What makes tapping so easy with a FlexArm?

  • – The tap is always at 90 Degrees to ensure accurate threading.
  • – An adjustable torque clutch enables the tap to stop turning when it encounters any obstruction that can cause breakage.
  • – The arm counterbalances the weight of the motor and absorbs torque to reduce fatigue and injury.
  • – A quick-change chuck allows operators to quickly change tap sizes without changing gears, head height, or stops.

Our solutions ship turn-key and can be set up in a matter of minutes. Save time, money, tools, and materials by freeing up your machining center and letting the FlexArm do the job it was meant to do.

If you are ready to stop breaking taps or looking to take your tapping operations outside the CNC machine give us a call at 1-800-837-2503 or Request a Free Quote today.



Let's start making your shop more money by increasing your efficiency when tapping.

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