FlexJet Waterjet- The Solution in Every Industry

If you can imagine it, the FlexJet will cut it.

 Who uses a waterjet? Our FlexJet is the most versatile waterjet on the market. Our waterjet cutting machine will manufacture parts for industries from foam and rubber to aerospace. The FlexJet waterjet will cut with abrasive and water-only making it the right choice for every material. Below is a list of several examples of industries where FlexJet waterjet has shown success.


The FlexJet is a non-hazardous way to cut heavy materials at fast speeds while creating smooth lines. The water-only system has been used in the automotive industry to cut plastics, rubber, and soft materials. The FlexJet is a solution in the automotive industry for speed, precision, and performance. The 5-axis head makes it possible to manufacture one-of-a-kind automotive parts. 


Technology is a critical factor in the aerospace industry, and FlexJet is leading in technology innovation. This industry requires precision and innovative solutions because there is no room for a margin of error. The waterjet produces turbines, jet engines, custom control panels, military components, and more.


One of the main advantages of using abrasive waterjets in the medical industry is increased production and precision. The medical industry has continuously changing needs to cut various materials and the FlexJet has no limitations on what it can cut, making it the perfect choice.

Food Processing 

WaterJet cutting has a crucial advantage in sanitation for cutting food, increasing production, and decreasing the amount of waste. The FlexJet can cut meats, baked goods, frozen food, produce, and any other food in a clean, precise cut. 

Paper Production 

Paper can be cut in a thin line without damage to the edges due to the fast and precise cut of a water-only waterjet. The water-only machine is the ideal choice for cutting and making slits in all kinds of paper, including thick cardboard.


The abrasive FlexJet is capable of cutting through natural and manufactured stone. The patent-pending 5-Axis design allows our Flexjet to carve intricate details into materials such as granite. Cutting stone using a waterjet increases productivity, reduces stress on the rock, and virtually no chipping on the edge of the stone, which allows it to keep its natural shape.

Textiles, Foam, and Rubber

Our water-only waterjet is the ideal machine for cutting textiles, foam, and rubber with the option for multiple cutting heads, high speeds, precision, and max production. The FlexJet is capable of cutting textiles, foam & rubber up to 8” in thickness. 

 If you are looking for a machine that will cut any material at high speeds and produce more, contact us today for a free quote.

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