Five things you should know about the FlexJet

The FlexJet waterjet is a cutting system designed to increase efficiency and productivity. The FlexJet is the fastest moving waterjet on the market, allowing operators the option to produce parts faster than ever before.

1) Construction

The FlexJet construction utilizes industry-leading motors and drives and features an all-steel machine frame with a 20 plus year proven mechanical design. The waterjet is a two-piece construction that features a helical rack and pinion for faster acceleration, deceleration, accuracy, and increased longevity.

2) 5-Axis Head

Flexjet‘s 5-axis head is the first of its kind. The patent-pending design uses a real 5-axis instead of a focal point design for advanced taper control. Equipt with an infinite C-axis, there are no limitations on the travel or the number of rotations it can handle. Advanced technology makes tangential following possible, resulting in faster, more accurate cuts.

3) Performance (Speed and Acceleration)

The waterjet comes equipped with software and price drive systems that offer the highest level of productivity without sacrificing accuracy. The waterjet also has a system for unrivaled speed and acceleration. The FlexJet is the fastest moving waterjet on the market, with the ability to rap at 1800 inches per minute on the Z-axis, with one acceleration and deceleration without sacrificing accuracy.

4) Pumps

The Flexjet is equipped with heavy-duty intensifier pumps, which have the slowest cycle rate, along with the industry’s longest hydraulic piston length and component life. The pumps allow for industry-leading performance with proven dependability. They also allow for less maintenance and more productivity in the long run.

5) Expertise

The FlexJet is backed and designed by a team of waterjet experts with over 130 years of combined experience in engineering, software, applications, service, and support.

For more information about FlexJet and its features, visit https://flexmachinetools.com/flexjet/.

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