Tapping Titanium 3D Printed Parts Offline

Tangible Solutions out of Fairborn, Ohio recently contacted us wanting to see if a FlexArm could handle tapping their small parts. They make 3D printed titanium medical implants and they were looking for an alternative to tapping on the CNC. They were tired of breaking taps and were ready to free up the machine for more complex, higher revenue parts.

We invited them in-house so they could see how the FlexArm would perform. We tested multiple holes using M3 and M6 taps. The FlexArm was quickly able to tap through the material with ease. Both of these arms are capable of handling the small tap sizes, so they had the option to go with a hydraulic or pneumatic tapping arm.

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They were happy with how quick and easy the tapping process was using the FlexArm, and they’re looking forward to taking their tapping offline.

If you are curious about how the FlexArm would perform on your parts, reach out to us and we can schedule a tap test for you.

P.S. If you want to see how we at FlexArm use 3D Printing at our manufacturing facility, click here to read our blog on the subject.

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