G-20-06 Tooling Special

Offer Limited to 10 Machines

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Vertical Machining Center

XYZ: 240" / 72" / 25"

The G-20-06 is a robust and durable vertical machining center capable of machining large parts in one efficient setup. The dual drive machine moves along two oversized precision linear guideways on each axis, with a high precision helical rack and a large ball screw on the Y & Z-axis. The monobloc welded steel frame and fully equipped motion control system provide the power, stability, and durability required to deliver peak performance in a variety of machining applications 


20 Tool Auto Tool Changer

Rotary Style Automatic Tool Changer for 20 Tools

CT50, 40 HP, 6,000 RPM Spindle

The Omron FlexCNC Control
+ Hand Pendant

The Omron FlexCNC Control is designed and developed to allow ISO G & M-code programming for dynamic machining and is comparable to standard commercially available controllers like the Fanuc 31i. It includes the capability of integrating an optional 4th axis. An infinite read-ahead capacity allows the machine to flawlessly and smoothly machine 3D tool paths, smooth helices, and ramping tool paths. It is equipped with a:

  • -21.5″ true-flat Full HD LCD panel with touchscreen.
  • -Intel Core i5-7300U Processor
  • -Memory: 16 Gb SO-DDR4-2400
  • -Solid State Disk (OS): SQF 2.5″ SSD 640 250 GB MLC
  • -Hard Disk Drive (Storage): 1 x 2.5″ 500 GB SATA HDD.
  • -PPC Wifi module Kit with antenna
  • -Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64 Bit

The AMI5000 Remote Pendant is used as a Human Machine Interface (HMI). It uses EtherCAT communications technology to interface with the ANCA Motion Control System Software, allowing fast and flexible access for real-time control.

Chip Auger

The chip auger runs the length of the machine and is mechanically driven to push the chips along the bottom channel of the bed for trouble-free chip management.

Safety Laser Scanner

The laser scanner is one of the best safety features on the FlexCNC. It uses proximity sensors that will slow the gantry down and stop completely if your operator gets too close.

Hand PendantEthernet Connection
22" Touch Screen MonitorKeyence Scanner Front
FlexCNC Power PMAC Omron ControlSafety Fence on Rear
Mobile Control Panel90 Gallon Coolant Tank
Through Spindle Coolant 7 barChip Auger
CT50 SpindleT-Slot Rail
20 Tool Auto Tool Changer UpgradePrep for MQL
Flood CoolantPrep for Air Vices
Tool CalibratorPrep 4th Axis
LED Machine Light40 HP 6,000 RPM Spindle Upgrade

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