Flex & Friends: Abom79 and Allied Machine & Engineering

Flex Machine Tools is teaming up with Abom79 and Allied Machine & Engineering for an interactive live stream demo.

  • Watch as we drill 4” deep using the 4TEX® Drill from Allied Machine & Engineering. Hear from an Allied expert and learn all about the drill and its capabilities. 

Listen to Abom79 discuss the challenges he’s experienced tapping large diameter holes and get a sneak peek of his upcoming Saturday Night Special Episode featuring 2” tapping with the FlexArm

  • 0:14 – Introductions 
  • 3:55 – Why the 4TEX Drill
  • 6:40 – Drilling on the FlexCNC 
  • 10:02 – ROI 
  • 15:17 –  How was Abom tapping before his FlexArm 
  • 16:48 – Tapping 2″ with the GHM-60 
  • 22:00 – Closing Comments 
  • 26:47 – Live drilling with the 4TEX
  • Visit Allied Machine & Engineering Here
  • Visit Abom79’s YouTube channel Here

One response to “Flex & Friends: Abom79 and Allied Machine & Engineering”

  1. Sam Porter says:

    Looking for help selecting a tapping arm. Also need to inquire about purchase avenues for Government Sales.

    Sam Porter
    Cold Regions Test Center
    Dep. Army Alaska

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