TAP TEST: Steel Clevis with Special Fixturing

One of our distribution partners had an end-user that was interested in trying a FlexArm. The end-user, Magnum Precision Machines, is a job shop that processes structural steel parts. They were tapping over 600 parts a week on a Bridgeport. They were looking for a solution that would help speed up the tapping process and wanted to see how the FlexArm would perform on one of their steel clevis parts.

Due to the unproportional nature of the part, we made sure the fixturing was correct before we started tapping. We tapped the 1 ¼” hole using the GH-45 because it has enough power to handle all their tapping needs.

Any part can be tapped with a FlexArm as long as the fixturing is right, so if you are experiencing any issues tapping an unproportional part, reach out to us. We would be happy to show what the FlexArm can do for you.

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