Do More With the FlexCNC Vertical Machining Center

What Makes FlexCNC Different from Other Vertical Machining Centers?

The FlexCNC can do more than other standard Vertical Machining Centers. This machining center sets itself apart with features that help businesses increase throughput and make more money. (Video of the FlexCNC capabilities at the bottom of the page)

Zero Weight Restriction

The FlexCNC has a stationary bed on a mono-block welded steel frame. Unlike other vertical machining centers where the table moves, the FlexCNC’s spindle moves while the bed is stationary, eliminating the need for any bed weight restrictions.

Not Limited By Bed Size

When it comes to bed size, the FlexCNC starts where other vertical machining centers stop. The FlexCNC bed length starts at 10ft and goes up to 80ft to easily accommodate a wide range of long parts.

Open Bed for Easy Loading/Unloading

Traditional VMC’s require the operator to reach into the machine to load their next part. The FlexCNC has an open bed, so loading is as simple as bringing the part over top of the machine and setting it down. Heavy loads can easily be placed onto the machine bed with an overhead crane.

Pendulum Mode

The use of pendulum mode decreases spindle downtime and helps businesses make more money by 

• Minimizing Fixture Set-Up Time– Every time the machine doors open, the spindle stops. Pendulum Mode allows the operator to fixture on a section of the bed while the spindle is making chips on a different part of the bed.

• Keeping Operators Busy– No one likes an idle operator. With Pendulum Mode, operators never have to wait on the machine. They stay busy for the entirety of their shift resulting in more finished products going out the door. 

 • Utilizing the Bed for Multiple Setups- The FlexCNC offers greater flexibility than other vertical machining centers. The bed size paired with Pendulum mode allows you to zone out the machine bed to best fit the needs of the business. It’s like having multiple machines in one. 

[Learn More About Pendulum Mode Here]

When it comes down to it, FlexCNC offers more flexibility than the standard vertical machining centers on the market. Whether you need a longer bed to accommodate long parts or just looking for a machine that can handle a multitude of setups on one machine, the FlexCNC may be the right machine for you. If you’re ready to increase productivity or take on larger jobs, contact us today for more information.

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