Counterbalancing Solution for a 10-Pound Atlas Copco Grinder

Watch the video of this application at the bottom of this page.

A customer looking to counterbalance a 10 pound Atlas Copco Grinder. They are using the grinder in a top-down fashion, so they just needed the ability to move from side to side. The grinder was fastened to the B-19 Ergonomic Arm with a custom tool holder. The 3 rotations of the arm will allow the operator to freely operate the tool in an unrestricted manner up/ down and in/out. While the precision air regulator will give the tool that weightless feel.

The tool was attached to the arm by going through the housing of the tool at its center of gravity. Normally, the mount would go around the tool body. However, this would have made the holder too bulky due to the dimensions of the tool. We attached the tool to the arm by going through the housing of the tool with an extension that way it could be at the tool’s center of gravity. We did not mount around the tool body as it would have added complexity and made it a bulky holder due to the dimension of the tool.

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