One Ergonomic Arm to Counterbalance Two Different Tools

Watch the video of this application at the bottom of this page.

A customer contacted us interested in an arm that could counterbalance a 10-pound grinder. They use this tool underneath a grinding hood, so we went ahead and paired the tool with the B-19-RG. The rotational tool clamp gives the operator full control of the tool. They can easily operate the tool from side to side or up and down, while the air cylinders counterbalance the weight of the tool. 

Ergonomic ar for counterbalancing a grinder and a deburrer

The customer also wanted to test out a solution for a handheld deburring tool. The tool is used to grind the interior circumference of their part. The tool is free to rotate within the mount, giving the operator complete control. The arm will be used for both applications by simply removing one tool and replacing it with the other. The precision air regulator controls the counterbalancing, so switching from the 10-pound tool to the 3-pound tool is possible with just a twist of the knob. 

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