Achieving Complete Range of Motion with Air Rammer Tool

We had a customer that was looking to counterbalance a tool but needed a solution that would allow for complete range of motion. They use an air rammer to follow along the radius of a large stator, so we decided to go with the B-19-RG. The rotational gimbal will give the operator the range of motion they need, and the ability to tilt will allow the operator to maneuver the tool at any position they wish.

The customer was looking for an arm that could go up and over their workstation, so it would be out of the way when not in use. Because of this, we chose the B-19 for this application, but we used an extended version of this arm to hit all the reach requirements.

The FlexArm team is dedicated to solving ergonomic problems and will gladly design a custom solution to fit any application. Contact us today so we can solve your problem.

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