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MSC Tooling Certificate Program

Save on Tooling When You Purchase a FlexBeam or FlexCNC 

  • – Tooling certificates are available with the purchase of any new FlexBeam or FlexCNC machine. 

  • – Purchasing a certificate upfront as a part of the capital investment frees up tooling budgets, and allows the end-user to equip their new machines with quality tools. 

MSC MachineMax Pro


Get everything from one source

  • Choose any cutting tool and holder brands

 Inclusion of other necessary items

  • Indexable and solid tools, toolholders, drills, taps, end mills
  • Fluids, workholding, fixturing, measuring equipment, presetters
  • Hand & power tools, material handling, safety equipment

Access to MSC’s Metalworking Specialists

  • Get technical support and tooling advice

Full Utilization of Funds

  • Unused funds transfer to a different account, rather than being lost or

No Restrictions

  • No Restrictions on products or quantities
  • Get the same price and freight programs you’re accustomed to

No Minimum Investment

  • Purchase a certificate denomination to fit your exact needs.
MSC Machine Max Pro

Ask your FlexCNC Sales Associate for more information.