Tapping 1/8″ NPT Threads in Stainless Steel Tubing

Watch the video of this application at the bottom of the page.

An end user out of Trotwood, Ohio recently reached out to us because they wanted an efficient way to tap consistent NPT threads. They sent in some of their materials so we could see how the FlexArm would perform on their parts. They were looking to tap NPT threads in stainless steel tubing, so we set up the GH-24 tapping arm to tap the ⅛” NPT threads.

We paired the arm with an automatic depth stop, which will assist the operator in maintaining consistent thread depths. 

If you are experiencing any tapping issues and would like to see how the FlexArm would perform on your parts, give us a call at 1-800-837-2503 or schedule a tap test today. 

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