RNR All in One Package

Offer Good Through May 31st

Explore RNR-20

Pneumatic Tapping Arm

**Normal or Extended Lead Times May Apply**

RNR-20 Explore V2

400/100 RPM Motor

The RNR-20 comes equipped with a 400 RPM motor capable of tapping up to 7/8″.

Two Speed Gear Box

The two-speed gearbox gives the RNR-20 greater flexibility. With one easy adjustment, you can reduce the RPM for increased torque when tapping harder materials or larger diameter holes.

Multi-Position Head (RNRM-20 models only)

Quickly and easily change between vertical and horizontal tapping. 

Size 2 Drill Chuck

The size 2 drill chuck accepts all size 2, tap holders. The RNR-20 also takes size 1 tap holders using the 2 to 1 reducer.

Semi-Automatic Tap Lubricator

The Semi-Automatic Tap Lubricator system allows the operator to mist the tap at their discretion and automatically control the amount with an adjustable valve.

Package Includes

Auto Depth Stop

Small Spanner Wrench

Size 2 to 1 Reducer

Jacobs Chuck

3/8" Drill Chuck with Adapter

1 Year Warranty

1 Gallon of Tap Lubricant

Hydraulic Motor Oil

1 Gallon of Motor Oil

tap holder

12 Tap Holders

$50 Free OSG Tap Voucher

Over $1,300 in Savings

Offer Good Through May 31st

12 Tap Holders Included

• #0-6 (M1.6-3.5) Size 1
• #8 (M4) Size 1
• #10 (M4.5-M5) Size 1
• 1/4” (M6-M6.3) Size 1
• 5/16” (M7, M8) Size 2
• 3/8” (M10) Size 2

• 7/16” (M11) Size 2
• 1/2” (M12, M12.5) Size 2
• 9/16” (M14) Size 2
• 5/8” (M16) Size 2
• 3/4” Size 2
• 7/8” (M22) Size 2

**No Substitutions**

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