Picking and Placing 50 lb. Parts with the PM-33S Part Manipulator

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FlexArm Part Manipulators make lifting operations easier and safer for the operator. This application involves the PM-33S model arm with a custom end effector that utilizes a pneumatic gripper to pick and place 50 lb. parts into a tensile strength testing machine. 

The end effector rotates about the horizontal and vertical axes. The vertical rotation allows the gripper to align with the part, and the horizontal rotation allows the user to flip the part from the vertical to the horizontal orientation. The gripper fingers are lined with knurled rubber for a secure grip, and the “V” design of the fingers accepts part diameters from 1 ¼ ” to 2 ¾ ”. 

The up/down movement of the arm is controlled by a joystick, and the gripper open/close feature is controlled by a lever valve. These controls are placed at the end of the drop-down for easy accessibility. A custom wall bracket keeps the arm secure against the wall when not in use. 

PM-33 Table pick up

Table Pick Up

PM-33 Machine Loading

Machine Loading 

PM-33 Home Location

Home Location 

If you are interested in a safe and ergonomic lifting solution, contact us or give us a call at 1-800-837-2503, and we can design a custom solution to fit your needs. 

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