Mobile Lifting Solution for a 25 lb. Part

Watch the video of this application at the bottom of this page.

A customer contacted us looking for an ergonomic solution to lift and move a 25 pound part. A custom pneumatic gripper was designed to fit the PM-RNR. The gripper contacts the side of the part so UMHW polyethylene was used to help protect the surface finish. The vertical and horizontal rotation allows the user to align the part to their fixture while compensating for any leveling differences between the manipulator and the fixture. The part manipulator was mounted to a mobile cart so it will be able to be pulled in and out of multiple workspaces. 

We understand that not every workspace can have a dedicated lift-assist. The FlexArm part manipulators can easily be moved around, as long as the lifting operation is not taking place. The mobile nature of the part manipulator is a cost-saving measure that allows the customer to use one manipulator for multiple workspaces. 

The FlexArm team is dedicated to solving ergonomic problems so contact us today or give us a call at 1-800-837-2503, and our ergonomics team can design a custom solution to fit your needs.

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