Load and Maneuver Parts Comfortably with an Ergonomic Lifting Solution

February 1, 2021

Safety is a major concern in the workplace, and companies are often looking for ergonomic solutions to lift and maneuver parts safely and efficiently. When an end-user was looking for a mobile lifting device, they looked to Flex Machine Tools to design a solution to fit their needs. 

The end-user needed an ergonomic mobile lifting solution to load/unload and manipulate parts from the floor to a machining center tombstone. The engineering team at Flex Machine Tools designed a compact lifting cart with a vertical lift stroke of 58” that is easy for its user to maneuver and operate.

The custom end effector has two manually operated axes of rotation. This allows the user to lift the part from lying flat on the floor, rotate it around the (red) axis, and then place it on the tombstone. The user can also flip the parts 180 degrees about the blue or red axis for additional machining operations.

The end effector contacts the part by gripping it between two rotating V-fingers. Additionally, the V-fingers are lined with knurled rubber to provide friction between the fingers and the part. This aids in gripping and prevents any surface damage to the part from the end effector fingers.

The end-user was looking for a solution that would be easy and efficient to operate. This design allows the user to easily control the gripping end effector and the up/down controls with the same hand pendant controller. 

If you are interested in a safe and ergonomic lifting/maneuvering solution, contact us or give us a call at 1-800-837-2503. The Flex Machine Tools engineering team would be happy to design a custom solution to fit your needs.


Mobile Lifting Cart



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