Lifting 80 lb. Discs Easily and Efficiently with the PM-22A

Before investing in a FlexArm, the customer used an overhead bridge crane with a fixture that required the operator to manually fasten the part to the fixture. Hanging from a chain, the part was not able to freely move to the various angles and orientations needed for lifting the heavy parts and loading them into their machine. The PM-22A allows the customer to move 80 lb. discs around their workstation in an easy and efficient manner.

Click Image for 3-D Drawing 

This solution allows the user to grab the part by simply pressing two buttons. Also, the part is able to rotate about the vertical and horizontal and vertical axes, making it effortless to pick the part from a vertical orientation, place it in the machine at 20-degrees, then set it down flat on a cart to move to the next station. 

If you are interested in eliminating the strain caused by lifting heavy parts, contact us or give us a call at 1-800-837-2503.

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