Launcher Project

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Launcher, a startup company out of New York, is developing the world’s most efficient rocket to deliver small satellites to orbit and FlexArm is partnering with them to make this happen.

The launcher E-2 engines are 3D printed in high-performance copper alloy and require less propellant to get to orbit — allowing Launcher to deliver more satellite cargo per rocket. Launcher designed and manufactured the world’s largest single-part 3D printed liquid rocket engine combustion chamber. Printing in a single piece reduces costs and enables the highest performance regenerative cooling design. 

Rocket Launcher

Launcher reached out to FlexArm looking for an effective tapping solution for their rocket launchers. FlexArm eagerly accepted the project and the engineers immediately started working on a design plan. The fixture will hold the part in a horizontal position allowing the tap to come in horizontally. The part will rotate 360º within the fixture allowing the FlexArm to easily reach each of the holes horizontally. Due to the large nature of the taps, the GHM-60 will be used for this application.

FlexArm is collaborating with OSG to provide the NPT taps required for this application. With their expertise, they helped select the following taps. 

2″ – 11-1/2 NPT – EDP 1311000

1-1/2″-11-1/2 NPT – EDP 1310900

1-1/4″-11-1/2 NPT – EDP 1310808

7/8-14 UNF-2B – EDP 2939208

Check out this exciting video of us tapping this rocket .Watch how the FlexArm performs

on this amazing 3D printed part.

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