Large Bed CNCs for Fabricators

CNC’s for Fabricators 

CNC’s are the shop workhorse that can handle some of the most challenging parts faster. Fab shops with CNC machines are more technically capable than others and can produce at a higher volume in a shorter period of time. 

Many fab shops are looking to invest in CNC machines with hopes of improving their speed, production rate, and accuracy. However, most machines currently on the market are not equipped to handle, the long or large parts, being produced by many of these shops. 

When bed size matters, FlexCNC is the clear choice. These machines are designed with fabricators in mind because they can be customized to fit a shop’s specific needs. The FlexCNC is the CNC for fabricators.

The FlexCNC has a customizable bed size ranging in size from 10 feet all the way up to 80 feet. It is more rigid than other CNC machines because it features a monoblock welded steel frame with a stationary T-slot machine bed. Other CNC machines are limited in the amount of weight the bed can handle, but the FlexCNC can handle just about anything that can fit on the bed.

The FlexCNC is offered in two different styles to fit the requirements of the specific application.

C-Series Long Bed CNC  

The FlexCNC C-Series is a cantilever-style machine with a customizable bed length. This style is great for long parts such as pipes, tubes, angle iron, and flat bar. 

G-Series Large Bed CNC 

The FlexCNC G-Series is a gantry-style machine where the width and length can be customized. The versatility makes it great for machining large plates, pipes, or tubing.

The Flexibility of FlexCNC 


If you think that the FlexCNC is too large for your needs, think again. With an open bed, this large, the possibilities are endless. For example, a 20-foot bed could be used to machine a 15-foot long part, while the remaining 5 feet could be used for smaller parts. The machine could also be broken up into four separate zones, acting as four separate machines. 

The FlexCNC is unique and different from other CNC’s because it can continuously machine with 0% spindle downtime. The large, open bed paired with Pendulum Mode allows an operator to continuously swap out parts while the machine runs at the other end of the bed.

Some fabricators may be hesitant to purchase a CNC machine because they are new to the CNC world. The FlexCNC is easy to learn, and the in-house training program will teach you everything you need to know. 

Fabricators need a machine that can handle their parts, and many of the current CNC machines on the market just don’t cut it. These are often enclosed machines that are too small with weight restrictions. The FlexCNC is not restricted by bed size or weight making it the perfect choice for fabricators.  

See how an investment into FlexCNC can help your shop increase speed, accuracy, and quality of parts. Contact us today for more information.

Check out our FlexCNC Video 


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