FlexCare for FlexCNC

For many, purchasing a CNC machine can be daunting. While the machine comes with countless benefits, it also raises questions on the knowledge and capabilities needed to operate a CNC machine successfully. If these capabilities are not available in-house, hiring programmers can be complicated and expensive. At FlexCNC, we want to eliminate any barriers that may stand in the way of our customers advancing into the CNC machining space.

Enter: FlexCare.

FlexCare is an on-demand CNC programming service available for all FlexCNC customers. Through a monthly membership, we are able to provide our customers with direct access to one of our expert programmers. Each month, FlexCare members can send their prints to a FlexCare specialist, and they will provide completed programs for their FlexCNC machine.

The FlexCare specialists take prints or 3D models and turn them into error-free programs for FlexCNC. The prints are always returned with a tool list, setup sheet, .NC file, and simulations or 3D models are available upon request. Standard lead time for prints is 3 business days, but an expedited return is also available upon request. 

After a print is returned, the FlexCare specialist is still available by phone, email, and through Remote-In support. Remote-In support is offered through FlexCNC’s Teamviewer service. Through this, we are able to remotely login to your machine and help with any questions that you may have. With a FlexCare specialist calling in, we are able to offer troubleshooting and advice in real time as the program is being tested. 

With FlexCare, a specialist is available to the customer throughout the entire process, from discussing the prints to running the program with remote-in support. By utilizing the FlexCare monthly membership and the help of our experts, customers can gain an understanding of CNC machining. Our goal is to not just provide programming and other services to our customers, but to help them learn how to do it on their own. 

CNC machining should be accessible to any business wanting to increase accuracy, save time, and perfect their craft, regardless of programming knowledge. Through FlexCare, we are making on-demand CNC programming resources readily available to all FlexCNC customers. 

For more information, check out our FlexCare page or contact us today.

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