Increase Range and Ease with the FlexArm B-33

A common question for companies is how can we increase range and create ease for operators. To meet this need for a customer, the Flex Machine Tools engineering team designed a custom mobile pedestal to mount a B-33 balance arm. 

The standard B-33 provides an extensive reach and high counterbalance weight capacity. The customer also needed to be able to easily and quickly change the height of the arm. To fit this need, the engineering team designed and manufactured a custom mobile pedestal to mount the B-33. The pedestal has a footprint of 4’x4’ and allows the arm’s mounting height to be adjusted from 14” to 70”. The vertical working range of the arm is approximately 43.7”. When held by the arm mounted on the pedestal, the tool has an extended vertical reach of 8” to 97.5” from the floor.

Click Image to Access the 3-D Drawing

The engineering team gave the customer two options on how the user adjusts the height. For the first option, a winch is connected to the backside of the pedestal. To raise/lower the arm, the user turns a crank to achieve the required vertical working range. For the second option, a rail and weight is added to the backside of the pedestal to counter the weight of the arm. This makes raising and lowering the arm even easier, because turning a winch is not required. In both options, a pin is used to lock the height of the arm once in the desired position. 

An additional requirement of the system was the ability to use and interchange a rivet gun and a drill. To make this quick and easy, the arm utilizes a quick-change tool mount system, allowing the user to change between the two different tools. The quick change mount interface securely attaches to the tool mount. The mounts hold the tools perpendicular to the floor and clamp around the tools. Because the tools weigh different amounts, the counterbalance must be adjusted when changing between the two. This is easily done by adjusting the pressure regulator on the back of the arm.

Milton Design Plan 2
Milton Design Plan 3

For those who are looking to increase range, decrease time costs, and increase ergonomic efficiency,  contact us today or give us a call at 1-800-837-2503. The Flex Machine Tools engineering team will create a custom ergonomic solution to fit your needs.

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