How to Set Tooling Speeds Feeds on the FlexCNC

This video goes over the below formula to help you quickly set speeds and feeds for your tools to run them in your CNC. 

How to set tool RPM Formula: Ex: 4 Flute .5” Solid Carbide End Mill 

3.82 X (Surface Feet Minute) / Diameter of Tool = RPM Surface Feet Minute (SFM) – will be provide to you from your tool provider and dictated on what material you are running. In this case tool mfg. recommends 180 SFM. 

Example: 3.82 X 180 (SFM) / .5 = 1,375 RPM 

How to set tool Feed Formula: Ex: 4 Flute .5” Solid Carbide End Mill 

(Feed Per Revolution) X RPM = Feed 

In mild steel the tool mfg. recommends .0025 per tooth. That means 4 flutes X .0025 to get Feed Per Revolution (FPR) = .01 FPR 

Example: .010 (FPR) X 1,375 RPM = 14 in/min 

Summary: In mild steel we will run this .5” end mill at 1,375 RPM with a 14 in/min. feed rate.


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