How To Cut External Threading Time While Maintaining Precise Quality

When it comes to external threading, it can be a time- and labor-intensive process that requires specific expertise if it is going to be done correctly on a consistent basis. External threading by hand is tough work, especially with the tolerances being so tight. And while using the lathe is a solution that is becoming more and more popular, it requires the right tool and the right program—not to mention the right guy to run the machine. But what if I told you that a solution existed that made external threading a walk in the park?

4 Ways a FlexArm Solution Makes External Threading a Walk in the Park

  1. Quickness – You know what they say, time is money. With our Quick Change Die Holders, you’ll be external threading in no time. Setup time is significantly decreased as well, especially compared to threading on the lathe, as there is no programming required with the FlexArm.
  2. It’s More Ergonomic – Nobody is doubting your ability to create external threads by hand, but why put your body through extended forceful exertions if it doesn’t have to? With a FlexArm solution, the machine does the work—and more precisely, too.
  3. Precise Depth Accuracy – Whether it’s one of our digital depth control options on a hydraulic arm or the mechanical system on a pneumatic unit, you’ll be able to maintain consistent depth accuracy each and every time.
  4. Guaranteed Perpendicularity – Eliminate scrapped parts and wasted time. With the FlexArm solution for external threading, perpendicularity is guaranteed every time thanks to the design of the arm.

Let us know how we can help your shop become more efficient when it comes to external threading. The FlexArm solution will not only improving cycle time but also increase quality control as well. Contact us today for more information on the wide range of solutions FlexArm can provide for you. 

4 responses to “How To Cut External Threading Time While Maintaining Precise Quality”

  1. Michael Hughes says:

    That’s Awesome !! Might be able to use this at our shop

  2. Brad DuChene says:

    I have been looking for an external threading tool. Do you sell the die holder separately?



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