Do you have an old, large, or expensive machine that needs a modern CNC controller?

With FlexRetro, we will retrofit your older machine and bring it up to newer machinery standards for a fraction of the cost. We specialize in Waterjet, Plasma, and Laser retrofits


Custom electrical retrofit for your machine





and more!

1 year warranty on software configuration/integration





Let us take your old machine and make it run better than new!

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Alex Martinez, PH.D.


Alex is an engineering executive with global success in identifying and developing new markets, products, business alliances, and revenue-enhancement opportunities. He oversees all Engineering and R & D projects. He has worked in diverse companies, from multinationals to start-ups, and he is experienced in various industries like steel, automotive, software development, manufacturing, and construction. FlexArm saw his potential and believed in his creativity, discipline, determination, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn. He is in charge of creating product roadmaps, strategy, recruiting specific talent, selecting and acquiring software and equipment, innovation, new technology adaptation, supporting technical sales, and developing new products from inception to production.

Some of his specialties: Computational Mechanics, FEA, Dynamics, Machining, Metal Forming, Mechanical Design, DOE, and Business Analytics.

Chris AShworth

Lead Software Engineer

Before joining FlexArm, Chris had more than 27 years of experience in project integration and full retrofitting services (hardware & software).

He has been involved in more than 1000 Delta Tau PMA control projects with varying complexity (2 -72 axes). The following are some of the types of machine tools that he has developed over there years: 2-13 axes water jets, 2-6 axes lasers, 3-5 axes mills, four axes punch presses, 3-5axis milling, Dual coordinate systems lathes, surface & profile type 2-4 axes grinders, 2-40 axes application-specific machines, 2-6 Axis Super or Ultra Precision (Diamond Turning) machines, 2-14 axis.

Friction Stir Welding (FSW) machines, 5-6 axis 3D metal printers, six-axis EDM drilling machines, six-axis riveting machines, etc. He also integrated many 3rd party hardware/software products with the Delta Tau (Omron) control system. Examples would be up to 16 camera vision systems controlling motion based on frame grabber image processing, Galvo lasers, wireless control, ultra-precision displacement sensors, optical seam tracking devices, etc.


Curt Rieman

Engineering Manager

Early in his career, he developed Standards of Procedures (SOPs) for the assembly of electrical components for military and commercial flight systems and engine controls. After that, he managed vibratory conveyor projects through the full life cycle from quote to product design through manufacturing and testing to technical support after installation. After the final assembly, he tested and tuned conveyors to ensure the product met customer requirements and maintained the company ISO 9001 quality system through Internal Audits.

At FlexArm, he focuses on developing processes to provide custom-designed solutions that complement its standard product offering. He was fundamental for assembling and managing a team of Engineers to support customized solution offerings. Curt also supports the Sales team through training and technical support. He is one of the most significant contributors to supporting documentation for the product offering that helps sales and manufacturing operate efficiently.


Cyler Caldwell

Application Engineer

Cyler Caldwell is an Application Engineer who works directly with customers to provide customized solutions for ergonomic, safety, and efficiency improvements. He designs solutions for torque reaction, counterbalance, and part manipulation applications from idea to commercialization. He implements projects that improve not only the customer’s processes but also the user experience. Cyler joined the FlexArm team in 2018. Before joining the FlexArm team, he gained experience in assembly processes, design, and testing while working in the automotive industry. Cyler holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio Northern University, where he graduated with summa cum laude honors.


Adam Carver

Manufacturing Engineer

Adam started his tenure at FlexArm only as a machinist, but he has moved up in its ranks after only a few years. While he was working, he attended school to become a manufacturing engineer, and since then, he has developed skills in 3D modeling, 3D printing, and robotics. He is also capable of doing CNC machining and programming. His role now is geared towards process optimization and operational excellence.

Eric Biedenharn

Software and Application Engineer

Eric has a degree in Computer Engineering. Professionally have worked as a Control Service Engineer for the Automotive industry and have experience with larger industrial machinery. Additionally, he has experience with PLC Logic in Allen Bradley, Siemens, and Omron, as well as applications written in C language.

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