The World's Fastest Waterjet

The Speed of Water Reimagined

The FlexJet is the world’s fastest waterjet with the top speed, maximum acceleration, proven performance, and reliable service. Our unique, actual 5-axis design allows the FlexJet to set itself apart by achieving taperless cutting in challenging to reach areas and giving the flexibility to cut any angle.

XYZ: 60"/60"/12"XYZ: 120"/80"/12"XYZ: 180"/80"/12"XYZ: 300"/80"/12"
▸Jet- 50HP/ 60k PSI
▸ 3D Model
$149,995 $194,995 $204,995 $229,995
Money Back Guarantee
90 Day Money Back Guarantee
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2 Year Warranty Included
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5-Axis Flexibility

Patent Pending Design allowing for faster more accurate cuts

Abrasive 5-Axis (1)

FlexJet uses a Real 5-axis not a Focal Point Design:

  • -Achieve taperless cutting with the novel 5-axis head 
  • -Utilize dynamic tangential following
  • -Accurately cut difficult to reach areas
  • -Cut any angle with no limits
  • -Use any length nozzle
  • -Easy to program
  • -Easy to post

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