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 Inspection Packages

When your machine is down you aren’t making money. A preventative maintenance and inspection program keeps your FlexCNC running at maximum efficiency. 

Benefits of Inspection

A certified FlexCNC technician will travel on-site and do a comprehensive FlexCNC inspection based on your needs. The all-inclusive inspection includes travel and the associated costs. Parts and any additional labor are not included.

• Reduce unscheduled downtime

• Identify any safety concerns

• Improve output, and enhance efficiency

• Increase lifespan of your machine

• Discounts on replacement parts

•  Improve overall machine performance and reliability.

Included12-Point Inspection28-Point Inspection
OMRON FlexCNC power PMAC update & time
Tuning all drives : X, Y, Z Spindle, ATC
Software updates on controllers
Resetting gear and rack
Blacklash check
Tool pocket inspection/alignment & tuning
Inspection, and adjustment of drive belts
Coolant filter replacement (filter supplied)
Clean HMI track & rollers
Clean bellows track
Verify & Check limit switches
Check Machine Level
Renishaw ball bar calibration
Renishaw laser calibration
Lubrication system check - HIWIN Guides
Fluid level check
Recharge Counterbalance
Clean, check, and calibrate laser scanners
Drain and clean coolant tank (coolant provided by customer)
Clean cat tracks
Check wiring
Verify drawbar pressure
Spindle Alignment to tool changer
Check for coolant leaks
Inspection of Chip Conveyor
Verify orientation of the spindle
Inspect tool setter & tool setter switch
Verify spindle offset
Replacement Parts Discount
(Order witihin 2 weeks of inspection)
5 %10 %

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