Fabtech 2021 with Flex Machine Tools

Did you miss Fabtech this year? For those of you who could not make the show, you still have the opportunity to see what we showcased in our booth.

The FlexCNC is the best-priced and most flexible vertical machining center in the world. The FlexCNC vertical machining center ranges from 10′ to 80′ long and is available in a gantry or cantilever style machine. In addition to the standard sizes, we design and build custom machines to suit your needs.

The motion control system is the most state-of-the-art CNC controller available, giving you the capability and Flexibility for your machining applications, large and small.  

FlexJet is the solution for fast and precise waterjet cutting in a broad range of materials. In addition to the standard machines, we create custom-tailored solutions to meet your needs and increase your capabilities

.FlexJet leads the way for faster manufacturing providing more throughput on your waterjet by using state-of-the-art technology. Backed by the best service in the market, FlexJet creates high-performance waterjet machines so you can accomplish more.

The FlexArm tapping arm helps shops earn higher profits by enabling operators to work faster and more efficiently. The ergonomic design makes it easy to articulate the arm over the workpiece and allows the operator to tap all holes in one easy set-up. We offer a variety of pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric tapping arms to best fit your needs. 

Flex Machine Tools offers machines to help increase productivity and increase your profits. If interested in learning more about any of our machine tool solutions, contact us today.

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