Eliminate Two-Person Lifting with the PM-22A Part Manipulator

This application features FlexArm’s PM-22A model arm with a custom end effector that utilizes a long-stroke pneumatic gripper to pick up 6 different parts. This solution eliminates the customer’s current “buddy lift” protocol, making a two-person operation easily and efficiently accomplished by one. The weight of the parts ranges from 60-90 lbs.

Click Image for Autodesk 3-D Drawing

The controls for the gripper open/close and arm up/down functions are ergonomically positioned for comfortable use. The gripper features a two-hand operation and an anti-drop function. The anti-drop function prohibits the gripper from releasing the part until it has been set down on a solid surface. To preserve the quality of the customer’s parts, UHMW is used for the contact points on the gripper fingers. As with all FlexArm manipulators, the arm and gripper will maintain their position if air pressure to the system is lost. 

If you are interested in a lifting solution that will turn a two-person operation into a one-person operation, contact us or give us a call at 1-800-837-2503.

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