Eliminate Assembly Line Defects with Error-Proofing Solutions

In the assembly process, mistakes can and will arise.  These mistakes can be caused by many factors including, operator fatigue, inattention, being in too much of a hurry, or carelessness. This can result in sending products off the assembly line in defective condition. Most commonly, product defects result from not setting up workstations and equipment correctly, skipping steps, or selecting the wrong parts. 

Many businesses are looking for ways to error-proof their assembly process and eliminate any defective products leaving their lines. Error-proofing involves the use of any automatic device or method that makes it impossible to make an error, or at least detect and correct as soon as possible. FlexArm offers a wide range of products that allow businesses to improve their assembly lines and ensure better quality control. 

Watch the video below to see how other FlexArm customers are using assembly solutions in their workstations. 

If interesting in error-proofing your workstations and improving your assembly lines check out the Assembly Arm Catalog or contact us

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