Eighth Order FlexArm Collaboration

Flex Machine Tools is a veteran-owned business that is passionate about giving back to those that have served. CEO Nick Kennedy served in the Army Special Forces and returned to civilian life to run his family business. When he started leading the company, his military background helped him shift his mindset on what CEO he would be. Nick stated,  “it’s my military experience that taught me the people you surround yourself with is the key to success. The military is my foundation for where I began to understand how to value life and why I’m here. You have to maintain a positive mindset and know if you want something, you just have to work to get it. I have a simple philosophy to have zero regrets, and I understand it’s ok never to feel comfortable.” Nick has made it a mission at Flex Machine Tools to give back to those who have served. 

When Flex Machine Tools heard about Eighth Order’s mission to preserve the warrior legacy by helping Veterans tell their stories, they knew that they wanted to support the mission. Eighth Order uses its unique products to tell those stories, raise awareness, and give struggling Veterans an outlet. They are committed to bending down the curve of Veteran suicide by raising money for the Veteran organizations dedicated to helping Veterans transition from the military smoothly and efficiently and conduct Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) programs. From Nick’s time in the service, he understands that making the transition back to civilian life is not an easy transition. It requires support from others which is why he believes in Eighth Order’s mission and the difference they are making to those who have served. 

Having the opportunity to work at a beautiful facility with an inspiring and driven team is not taken lightly by the employees of Flex Machine Tools. Veteran and CEO Nick Kennedy states that “having a mindset always to remember nothing is free. Our brothers and sisters have sacrificed everything to allow us to be in this great country to afford us the chance to be great; I have a personal obligation, and I will not waste the opportunity. Not everyone is afforded the chance to be in America, and the time we have here on Earth is limited. The best thing we can do is give 120% of effort in all that we do, lay it all out on the line, and try to make everything around us better. We are highly driven towards innovation, growth, and serving our customers.”

In celebration of Veteran’s Day (November 11) and to all who have served  Flex Machine Tools is giving away an Eighth Order hat with the purchase of any FlexArm for the entire month of November. 10% of all Eighth Order proceeds are donated to Camp Southern Ground to combat PTS, TBI, Veteran Suicide and promote veteran entrepreneurship. 

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