B-19 With 10 lb. Atlas Copco Grinder

A customer inquired in looking for an ergonomic solution to counterbalance a 10-pound Atlas Copco Grinder. They use the grinder for surface grinding in a top-down fashion, so they just needed the flexibility to move the tool side to side.

The B-19 paired with a custom mount fit the customer’s needs because of the 3 points of rotation. The arm design will allow the operator to move freely up and down and side to side in an unrestricted manner. Additionally, the precision air regulator will give the tool that weightless feel.

The FlexArm engineering team attached the grinder to the arm by going through the housing of the tool. Doing so prevented going around the body, which would have added uneccessary bulk and complexity.

If you have a similar application or are looking to improve ergonomics in your facility, please contact us. Our engineering team would be happy to assist in finding the right solution for you.

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